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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Hemp for Vermont Bill Becomes Law

State Wants Federal Permission for Farmers to Grow Hemp

MONTPELIER, Vermont (May 30, 2008) — Vote Hemp, a grassroots advocacy organization working to give farmers the right to grow non-drug industrial hemp, is extremely pleased that Vermont Governor Jim Douglas allowed H.267, the Hemp for Vermont Bill, to become law without his signature yesterday afternoon. The bill overwhelmingly passed both the House (126 to 9) and the Senate (25 to 1). The new law sets up a state-regulated program for farmers to grow non-drug industrial hemp, which is used in a wide variety of products, including nutritious foods, cosmetics, body care, clothing, tree-free paper, auto parts, building materials and much more. Learn more about industrial hemp at the Vote Hemp Web site.

Smart and effective grassroots organizing by Vote Hemp and the Vermont-based advocacy group Rural Vermont mobilized farmers and local businesses, many of which pledged to buy their hemp raw materials in-state if they have the opportunity. Rural Vermont Director Amy Shollenberger says that "the Hemp for Vermont bill is another step toward legalizing this important crop for farmers. The United States is the only industrialized nation in the world that doesn't allow this crop to be grown. Looking at the Canadian experience, hemp provides a good return for the farmer. It's a high-yield crop and a great crop to mix in with corn."

Vermont grows an average of 90,000 acres of corn per year, a small amount compared to Midwest states; however, the need for a good rotation crop exists nationwide. From candle makers to dairymen to retailers, Vermont voters strongly support hemp farming. Admittedly a niche market now, hemp is becoming more common in stores and products across the country every day. Over the past ten years, farmers in Canada have grown an average of 16,500 acres of hemp per year, primarily for use in food products. In Vermont, the interest in hemp includes for use in food products, as well as in quality and affordable animal bedding for the state's estimated 140,000 cows.

"Vermont's federal delegation can now take this law to the U.S. Congress and call for a fix to this problem of farmers missing out on a very useful and profitable crop," comments Eric Steenstra, President of Vote Hemp. "North Dakota farmers who want to grow hemp per state law are currently appealing their lawsuit in the federal courts. The real question is whether these hemp-friendly state congressional delegations feel compelled to act," adds Steenstra.

Rural Vermont's Shollenberger states that "the Vermont law is significant for two reasons. First, no other state until now has followed North Dakota's lead by creating real-world regulations for farmers to grow industrial hemp. Second, Senator Patrick Leahy of Vermont is Chairman of the Committee on the Judiciary, as well as a member of the Committee on Agriculture — relevant committees that could consider legislation. We also have a friend at the USDA in new Secretary Ed Schaffer who signed North Dakota's hemp bill as Governor. I plan to visit Washington, DC and try to figure out what Congress and the Administration intend to do."

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Vote Hemp depends on your support to do the work we do. You know we are effective and get things done. Your donation will go a long way. Help us bring Vermont and North Dakota farmers to Washington, DC to lobby their delegations. It's time to ratchet up the pressure! Please make a donation today.

About Vote Hemp

Vote Hemp is a national, single-issue, non-profit organization dedicated to the acceptance of and a free market for low-THC industrial hemp and to changes in current law to allow U.S. farmers to once again grow this agricultural crop. More information about hemp legislation and the crop's many uses may be found at and BETA SP or DVD Video News Releases featuring footage of hemp farming in other countries are available upon request by contacting Adam Eidinger at 202-744-2671.

Vote Hemp, Inc.
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Communications Director
phone: 202-744-2671

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Featured Etsy Hempster - LovePeaceAndDye

Name: TiffyPop
Region/location: traveling artist originally from South Central PA
Start using Etsy: March 06

Etsy shop: Love Peace and Dye
other links:

Craft Handmade Clothing and altered art with recycled clothing and fibers, coupled with handwoven hemp jewelery for people, and PETS including collars and leashes with functional and durable parts :)

Where did you learn your craft? All my life, but structured in Milwaukee WI

When did you start using hemp? when i was 14 or so i began to make jewelery for myself and friends. In 2004 i began to work on cat collars with safety release clips, as well as dog collars, custom harnesses for both(or any animal you may need to leash) and recycled cat toys with all my additional scraps that feature hemp tails

Why do you use hemp over other materials? Hemp makes a more comfortable cat and dog collar, as the fiber breathes. Nylon Collars are a petroleum product and also not very comfortable for any creature, esp not mans best friend. not only that, but hemp happens to be stylish! industial hemp is also a very important issue to alot of those that realize its value as a crop for our farmers, biofuels, our soil composition, sustainable energy and so much more. by choosing to wearand work with hemp i also choose to support the fight for its legalization in this country, as well as the battle for education and actual facts regarding this plant.

Why do you feel Hemp Legalization for Farmers in America is so important ??
Why? Our country would be out of debt, not oil dependent, and agriculturally healthier if the government would allow hemp production?

This is a fascinating subject as no one seems to understand all the money our country loses on hemp. From production, to cultivation, to manufacturing, and finally distributing the product, all the money is on foreign soil. Foreign farmers make riches growing hemp, foreign companies make even more money selling it to Americans who cant grow it! What would our economy be like if every time we all purchased hemp that money went into our country instead of someone else's? On top of that, all diesel engines need one small change in them and they could run off of hemp seed oil, as opposed to the black gold our country loves so much. Check our Woody Harrelson and his hemp fueled bus as well as all his other acts to legalize hemp production for our environment and for our farmers. And hemp is one of those amazing plants you can plant over and over again in the same field and it actually adds nutrients to the soil--ADDS NUTRIENTS! It can also be safely grown without pesticides and herbicides--imagine that!? Not to mention we wouldn't have to be cutting down every tree on the planet for our need for paper--hemp paper uses less pollutants to make and doesn't result in clear cutting ancient trees!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Our first Team Event! a Donation Drive

Our first Team Event is a donation drive for the HIA, the Hemp Industries Association . Etsy Hempsters members will be donating hand made with hemp items to raise money for our group membership to the HIA with all proceeds going the HIA. We choose the HIA for their prominent work in the hemp industry.

"The Hemp Industries Association (HIA) is a non-profit trade group representing hemp companies, researchers and supporters. We are at the forefront of the drive for fair and equal treatment of industrial hemp. Since 1992, the HIA has been dedicated to education, industry development, and the accelerated expansion of hemp world market supply and demand.

The hemp industry has positioned itself over the past decade to once again become a major global economic force in the 21st century. Hemp is one of
our planet's most important natural resources, and we advocate using it to its full potential." (quote and photo taken from

Please help support hand made with hemp and the Etsy Hempsters. Search for "Team Hempsters" to find members shops and sales. Thank you to all who support independent artists and hemp!